Emilee Turner: Natural History Installation

 Tape Mural Timelapse: Cartographiti

 Tape Mural Timelapse: Creation/Destruction

 Tape Mural Timelapse: Area 5

Tornado No. 1

Collaborative installation with fellow Bay Area artists Perry E. Schanley and Emilee Turner for the group exhibition, "Into a Billion Pieces," at Classic Cars West Gallery, which ran during April - May 2013. The concept illustrates the upheaval nature is capable of inflicting through a literal unraveling of the object.

Elena Kulikova: Eternity Portraits

Artist Elena Kulikova was born in Russia and raised in Marin County, moved to LA to become an actress, but ended up a model and photographer living in Amsterdam. She speaks here about her early photographic inspirations (and frustrations). 


Gyasi Ross featuring Toni Alejandria

The always amazing singer-songwriter Gyasi Ross played at Classic Cars West Gallery on Friday, March 1, and brought a few collaborators with him: Dancer Toni Alejandria and harpist Sandra Martin.

Preview: At the End of Time, Where We Began

The new show has been installed -- take a look at the art before the exhibit open this Friday, Feb. 1. (Film by Elizabeth Cabrera.)

Christopher Fuzi: The In-Between Times

Photographer Christopher Fuzi talks about growing up in Buffalo, N.Y., and discusses his new series of long-exposure photos that will be featured in the exhibit, "At the End of Time, Where We Began," opening on Feb. 1, 2013, at Classic Cars West Gallery.